My Fridge is Too Big!

Downsizing from a home to an apartment was not something I looked forward to, but it made the best sense given my age and health. I looked around and found an apartment that had the perfect dimensions for the furniture I wanted to keep. There was just one problem: the refrigerator. My fridge has served me well for decades and I wanted to bring it along, but the kitchen is just too small.

So, the hunt was on: I needed a small fridge best for apartments. I had seen these smaller models in restaurants and at my son’s dorm, but the style was not really something I wanted. Also, I decided to do my homework and make sure that the one I chose would last. So many of my appliances from years past had lasted for decades, while ones purchased recently had needed repairs or replacements fairly quickly. Thus, what I really needed was the best quality mini fridge in my price range.

My new apartment was the standard white and cream shades, so I was leaning towards something like that for my fridge. Various models presented themselves and I passed because the color was not right. Also, I tend to buy frozen food on sale, so I needed something that had a decent sized freezer compartment. I was even willing to sacrifice fridge space to get more freezer. That made things both trickier and easier because it narrowed down the number of models that fit this criteria.

In the end, I decided to go with a Danby fridge as they had recently gone back to making some of their products in Canada. That allowed me to support a local firm and jobs, which helps make me feel like I’m doing my part for the economy.