Stroller Bike Buying Guide: What to Look For

Looking to upgrade from a child bike trailer to a stroller bike? Here’s a brief stroller bike buying guide so you know what to look for in terms of safety, convenience, and accessories. These factors should help inform your decision on what’s going to be the best quality stroller bike for you.


The basket of the stroller bike may be made from hard plastic, but it’s imperative that the frame is made of a strong, lightweight material like welded alloy steel. This is a matter of safety as well as quality; your kids are your most precious cargo, after all. Check the materials and scrutinize the quality of the weld.

Ease of Conversion

What sets stroller bikes apart from their main competitors (jogging strollers and child bike trailers) is the ability to convert the unit from a bike to a stroller and back again. This feature is seriously useful for trips to the store with your kids ( since you won’t have to unbuckle your kids nor leave your equipment outside while you shop). It’s important, then, that the stroller bike is easy to switch from one mode to the next.

Manufacturers make lots of claims about how easy this is, but the only real way to tell is to try the stroller bike yourself. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find demos of this niche product in stores. The next best thing you can do is watch videos of the conversion in action ( has stroller bike demos in both video and animated GIF form.)


Stroller bikes may come with optional accessories, like trays or sun/rain shields. Some even come with detachable toys for kids who lack the attention span to enjoy the scenery. Of these, only the shield is really essential; you don’t want the basket filling up with rain when it pours!


Most people assume that a three-wheeled bike (technically a tricycle) is safer than a two-wheeler. After all, trikes are what we give to toddlers. But the three-wheel design is not necessarily better when it comes to a stroller bike. Tricycles are very difficult to maneuver along uneven terrain and up hills, and the wide turning radius makes them far from ideal for road cycling. I’d therefore endorse the old-fashioned two-wheel bicycle design over a tricycle when it comes to the best quality stroller bike.