How to Apply for Hydro One Rebates on Professional LED Installation

Hydro One, Ontario’s electricity transmission and distribution utility, offers rebates on professional LED installation to commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The Hydro One Retrofit Program is intended to assist businesses with replacing inefficient equipment with newer, higher-efficiency systems that lessen the demand on electricity.

The program includes incentives for exterior and exterior lighting, with the incentive amount depending on the type, efficiency and quality of the fixtures installed. Hydro One also provides funding for energy management systems related to efficient lighting systems.

Who Can Apply

The program is available for anyone who owns or manages a commercial, institutional, industrial or agribusiness building in Ontario. It is also available to owners/managers of multi-residential buildings that meet certain criteria.

For businesses with multiple Ontario locations, the Multi-Site Application Model applies. Check with your local utility provider to see if they offer retrofit incentives for multi-site customers.

Preparing a Retrofit Program Application

Before beginning your official application, you should first complete the relevant worksheets that are available for download on the Save on Energy website. There are separate worksheets for the prescriptive and custom programs.

To complete the applicable worksheet, you must be prepared to provide:

  • Applicant and company name and building address.
  • Details on the LED lighting fixtures you wish to install, including the manufacturer name and model and quantity of fixtures.
  • Project cost breakdown, including the costs to purchase and install the equipment, labour of the installation, and costs to dispose of or decommission the replaced equipment.

Getting Pre-Approval

Before purchasing any equipment for the project, it is important to get pre-approval for the rebate from Hydro One. All projects must be pre-approved in order to qualify.

Since the Retrofit Program incentives are based on estimated energy savings, Hydro One may request a site visit to inspect your old equipment. Hydro One recommends securing pre-approval even before signing a purchase order related to the project.

Qualifying Lighting Projects

In addition to a HVAC, refrigeration and insulation, the program offers rebates on the following lighting technologies:

  • T8 LED UL Type A (using existing fluorescent ballasts)
  • T8 LED UL Type B (requiring line voltage to be wired directly to the fluorescent fixtures sockets
  • T8 LED UL Type C (requiring external dedicated drives)
  • Energy monitoring and targeting information systems

To qualify, all LED products used must be certified for use in Canada. Check the DLC Qualified Products List for clarification.